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Sunday, March 23, 2014

3 Cheers for EDCAMP!

Have you ever been to a conference that you can say you found 100% of it to be applicable to you? How about one where the presenters were everyday teachers who just wanted to share what they were doing that was successful? How about a conference that is planned on the spot, instantaneously? One that you don't even know what it is going to offer until you get there?

This is edcamp. It is an innovative idea. Teachers offering sessions for teachers. Anyone. Anyone at all. I attended edcampOMAHA last Saturday March 22. It was the most applicable, exciting, encouraging, purposeful professional development I have ever had the pleasure of being a part of.

I had no idea what to expect, but here is the short story. Show up, have coffee and a donut, greet others, pick up goodies. Watch the 4 sign up boards for who is going to offer what. (Even sign up yourself! which I did) Then map out your sessions, attend, learn, laugh, and play! It was all about educators talking to educators, not AT them. It was a conversation. No hubbub. No big production. Just a wonderful day of chatter about topics that matter.

I met wonderful new people. Even some of my Twitter friends (which I later learned were called Tweeps). And took away some great ideas, websites, and apps. Okay, the title says 3 cheers for edcamp, so here goes....

Cheer #1
1, 2, 3...Edcamp for me
4, 5, 6...twitter, talking, and pics
7, 8, 9...time with teachers divine!

Cheer #2
Rah Rah Rall, Edcamp for all
Rah Rah Rest, Edcamp is the best
Want to learn a bunch?
I bet you have a hunch!
Edcamp, Edcamp, Yay Edcamp!

Cheer #3
2, 4, 6, 8 Who do we appreciate?
All those who make Edcamps possible!

If you get the chance, go. I strongly recommend it. It will be the best PD you do! Ask on Twitter, find out where there is an edcamp near you. (or roadtrip!) It is worth the time. :)