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Monday, December 7, 2015

Breaking OUT of the everyday with BreakoutEDU

It's been a while, but I am back with a bang! About a month ago I stumbled onto a site called
If you haven't heard of the latest craze of escape games, you should google it. I have included to links to the Big Bang Theory and Conan OBrien Show as they both did a segment on escape games.

Big Bang Theory escape room                                      The Conan O'Brien Show

Well, this amazing thinker named James Sanders @jamestsanders  and some friends figured out a way to put the escape room idea with curriculum and make it tangible for kids. He and a group of friends started BreakoutEDU.  This site provides the box and amazing set of starter locks, and links to several games. The basic idea is that you solve riddles and clues to get a code. You use the code to unlock some padlocks that will help you to break into a box.

Now the idea of playing a game is, of course, engaging for students. The mere mention of "game" and ears of all ages perk up. But the main idea is for teachers to begin to design games around their curriculum. And so with that in mind I worked with another teacher (@SGeldes) to create a game around our geometry unit. It is appropriate for about 3-6 or even middle school students who struggle with the concepts. It covers quadrilaterals, classifying triangles, classifying angles, measuring angles, and identifying polygons.

I am being gifted with the opportunity to share this with my districts staff at our January PD day, lead my fellow designers and users of BreakOutEDU @SGeldes and @Manning0812. We are looking forward to seeing how our fellow teachers work together to solve the puzzles to get out.

Check out for more information, and if you know of a game going on, try and get in on it! It has endless possibilities.