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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Success and's just the beginning!

We have one day in a cycle of eight days when the students do not attend specials classes. This day has typically been used as a day for teachers to take kids into the computer lab. Since we use iPads during the day, I have given this time in the lab up to other classes that do not have the luxury of this amazing tool. Instead we use this time for STEM activities or for Team building.

This has been life changing in my classroom. This has built my classroom as a community. They are so much more supportive and encouraging of each other. They have really mastered how to work together. They look frustration and failure in the face and they know how to handle it...and it makes successes so much sweeter.

We now view success in the realm of victory. Not just at the big game, or the giant test. But the little things.

A new idea.
A friend helps out.
A friendly word of encouragement.
A code broken.
A box unlocked.
A puzzle completed.

These things have brought true celebration and compliments galore from these students who have learned to recognize that life is a series of successes and failures. And you learn to embrace both with equal vigor. More thoughts on this to come.

Image: Oct. 26, 2016