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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Hanging out for "A New York" minute

Today I had the unique experience to be a part of my first google hangout ever with a really cool guy named Adam Bellow. Adam is the creator and mastermind behind the amazing app Educlipper. It is one of my students favorite apps. They have really taken to the social media that has been created especially for them. They love the ability to clip all kinds of photos, videos, and weblinks to their clipboards.

Coach Catlett brought up the idea last week, and I was all in. Two main reasons here, hangout, I mean come on, who doesn't want to try is the telephone call of the future. Like on the Jetsons! And second, how often does a famous inventor (because let's face it...that is what Adam is) get to talk face to face to our students. And as it turns out, not just my students, but six classes! We invited students from Two Springs and Bellevue Elementary schools to join us in this hangout. It was so well planned and thought out. The kids had questions prepared. We had chosen the students to step up and talk to Adam, and he was so interested and gracious.

He answered all of our questions and even took some time to show us some new up and coming updates to the app! Kind of a sneak peek! And the children were giddy with the knowledge that they had seen and heard some things that no one else knows! Until Coach and I tweeted about it!

The whole experience was so worthwhile, and although it was amazing to see the connection kids can make with the technology to connect so far across the country, it was even more amazing to see the inspiration and motivation to dive back in and work more with Educlipper, because now they can say they met the creator!

I cannot thank Adam Bellow enough for his graciousness in taking time out of his schedule to connect, and share with my students and me! It was an amazing experience. I did have a few questions that I didn't get to ask (maybe because of starstruck syndrome!) But one thing he had said was that he used to teach. I was curious as to the grade level, and if he missed it, and if he ever gets the chance to go back in and be a part of a classroom in his travels? Well, guess there will have to be a next time, so I can ask these questions. If you haven't tried a google hangout, give it a go! you can meet some interesting people and the experience is unforgettable!