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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Just another blog

Well, it's been a while since I posted and our classroom has been actively enjoying many apps on our iPads. We are mastering Haiku Deck, Tellagami, Popplet, Explain Everything, and Screen Chomp. We have found ways to app smash several of these together in iMovie. The students have been working hard on their own projects and have also been able to take time to help mentor others who were struggling with certain aspects. During our "show and share" day, there was some amazing teaching going on by a few students who really had gone in depth to a couple of apps and it was amazing to hear the questions asked, and answers explained! I cannot fathom how much my classroom has changed in just a couple of weeks.

The students have used these apps to  made some sensational presentations for vocabulary, but even better were the ones summarizing separate parts of the American Revolutionary War.

There were a couple that had the W.O.W. Factor (Worthy Of the Web), and I hope to have them posted to our class website and the kids' blog site too. WOW Factor is one of our new catch phrases that was shared with us by Coach Catlett, and it is fun to hear the kids saying it to each other..."that was really good but do you think it has the WOW Factor?"

I also spent some extra hours at school and got our app boards done. The students (and I) really like some routine to start our day. So we have a few set things that we all do everyday and then there are a couple things that are self directed. So each morning the kids like to have the list of what to start with (even though it is almost the same each time). Most mornings I find myself giving the same directions several times, so I came up with an "iPad To Do List". On the other side of the board I have the "all done?" list of apps the kids can use. This is very few and far between, although I have found them using these during indoor recess!  I posted the pictures below. I have all the app icons saved and would be happy to share. Although I have to give the credit to Sara Heine, as she started this whole idea with her cute bulletin board apps that she originally shared with me!


In other news, my blog board is almost done! I found a map that was headed for the trash and I recycled parts that were usable. Bought some new pins and next week we will begin tracking where our comments originate from. We will be putting several pins in different states in the US, but our most exciting comment has come from a small school in Kuala Lumpur the capital of Malaysia! That is our first international comment. We will also be sharing our blog pages with our People to People International Project Partner, Moses Monari, a year 4 and 5 teacher at the School of Hope in Sondu Kenya. When they comment that will be our third continent, which will be amazing. We are also commenting on some blogs from  New Zealand, Australia, Ireland, and the United Kingdom, so we are hoping they comment back to us so we can expand our comments that we are receiving.

Well, that's all from Boycetown for tonight! Heading to bed. Enjoy the winter break!