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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April Fools Day (For real this time)

Hello folks,

April Fool's Day.  The day that elementary teachers and parents everywhere dread. The one day of the year when every teacher has a spider on their shoulder, shoelaces untied, and something spilled on their shirts. Elementary students are just beginning to explore their joke status. They love to pull off the "amazing joke" that makes everyone laugh.

By middle school (fifth grade and up) there is a clear cut "class clown" and students are really trying to nail down their sense of humor. I love how they are trying out one liners during math class and piping in with random thoughts of the day during transitions. Then there is also the one who has the physical comedy routine to provide us with hours of comedic relief. We look forward to any and all comedy given during the day...April Fools!

I have to admit, I am giggly excited to be on spring break this week. But never fear fans, my 19 year old son, filled the shoes of my students, by rigging a small explosive to my bedroom door this morning, to provide the quickest wake up call ever delivered....BANG!

April Fools day. Who created this day? Who is responsible, I ask....Well, here is a bit of history.

According to, this wonderful day of celebrating pranks was started in the US way back in the 1700's, although some historians believe it goes as far back as 1582. (We have had class clowns for a very long time) The day is said to have begun when France switched from the Julian calendar to the Gregorian calendar. People who were slow to get the news out were outted with a paper fish stuck to their backs.

Ancient festivals in Rome called Hilaria involving costumes and disguises. In Scotland, it is a two day event when gullible hunters were sent out to hunt for the elusive "gowk" or gooney bird. (Which I cannot help but connect to the summer night when my father took my friends and I out snipe hunting)

Which bring us to modern day fools day, when companies such as Burger King, Taco Bell, and the BBC all got in the game. With phony news reports and the release of the "new left handed burger". Right up to April Fools Day 2015. UNL released some great big news on Harvey Perlman's Twitter page:

Here is the info and the major offered at UNL!
Following some advice from a while ago, we’re launching a new major at today:

Well, April Fools Day...a day for everyone to have a little fun. So glad I only had one kid providing jokes, not 25! :)