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Friday, April 10, 2015

Right....What's Left?

Well, with 29 days left in the school year, we reflect about how the year has gone, excitedly look forward to the summer days that are quickly approaching, and then PANIC. There is so much to do before those treasured days arrive.

There is the Math cram that happens this time of year, the field trips that are being gleefully attended, last minute learning before the almighty State testing, and what about that glowing orb in the sky? It has been so long since these kids have seen warm sunshine, that recess is mandatory! I need the vitamin D and the fresh air. So do they.

Also this time of year is the time when our school has assemblies, field day, movie day, spring concerts, bounce house reward day, and the list goes on and on and on. So that 29 days left really is about 18 days of traditional teaching time. AHHHHHHH!!!

For myself this year is really busy and bittersweet. I have my youngest graduating and so there is the planning for that and for family in town that weekend. And there are the connected relationships with my colleagues. That cannot just be left undone. There are parties to attend, dinners and picnics, and many summer afternoon activities. Life is so busy. It makes my quiet moments to myself even more vital. Many ways exist to take those quiet moments, some pray, read the bible, watch their favorite tv show, listen to music, drink coffee, run, social media, exercise, or lock themselves in the bathroom. Some take this time in the morning, middle of the day, or just before bed. Whatever and whenever that time occurs for you, make sure you take it in this busy BUSY time of year. Happy Relaxing.