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Tuesday, April 14, 2015


I was presented with the question "Why do you teach?"

It made me pause. Why do I teach? Well, I... so many reasons come gushing to the surface, I need to take a moment and sort them into some coherent thoughts.

1. Because God created me to teach. I know it sounds arrogant, but it is one of my spiritual gifts. I entered the world as a teacher. That is the first and most important reason.

2. Because I want to make a difference. I know it is cliche. But I do. I have always been a relational person and I want to affect people in a positive way. It has taken me years to focus and build up my skills to encourage, inspire, and work hard for the good of others, but it is vitally important to me that people believe in themselves and aspire to do more for the greater good.

3. To see the learning. There is no feeling like watching someone "click" into what is happening. I do not get to see it from every student every day, but usually at least one. It is so fulfilling watching a kiddo "get it" and know that you have opened another door for them and their future.

4. And selfishly, I teach because it opens opportunities for me to learn. I know there are some people who are "forced to learn" but because of my field, I "get to" learn. Like that hotel commercial.  It is incredible what my mind can grasp and adapt to. I am excited and passionate to find new things. (in my comfort zone, and directly outside of it, of course) I won't be cutting anyone open to find out something new, or dropping myself in a new country, alone, to learn a new language, but the idea is intriguing. (of the travel, not the surgery)

It is so funny, the answer to the question comes easily but requires explanation. Why do I teach? Because I am.