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Wednesday, January 8, 2014


Today my students and I are starting a 40 day Blog challenge. The beginning of the inspiration comes from a teacher in CO who gave her third grade class a 20 day challenge. I borrowed her idea, added to it, and really took off! I have included the link here

40 day blog challenge

We intend to take on the challenge of the 40 day blog, but we may interrupt the flow of the document that I created to blog about things that are happening in class with the iPads since that is one of  the main reasons we started blogging. We plan to get our class iPads this month, and we are so patiently and anxiously waiting.

However, today's blog is inspired by Kid President and it is:

The world would be more AWESOME if...

The world would be more awesome if we were all good listeners. If everyone took the time to stop thinking about their own agenda and really listened to the people who were engaging them in conversation the world would be a better place. It would make the world awesome. OR if it were made of chocolate, that did not make people fat...that would also be awesome!

Well keep checking in, and be sure to visit Boycetown on Kidblog. By the way, what do you think would make the world more awesome.