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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Cat's blogging has us purrrrring!

Okay all you cats and kittens! It is time to focus, and get your blog on! I was not certain I was buying into this blog business, but it really is the Cat's Meow!

Coach Catlett showed my students how to comment on others blogs today. We saw a very short excellent video made by some second and third graders in Mrs. Yollis' class. HOLLA! They did a great job and it was wonderful tips on how to write a quality comment. Here's the video:

So I came home tonight all hyped up on the blogging and commenting and decided to do a bit of research to see what is out there...WELL, I just hit the tip of the iceberg. I started at a website that was created by a genius of a man named William Chambelain. It is called

I was hooked right away. Not only does he spotlight many different blogs from everywhere.  Under his heading "Comments4Kids blogs" he has a spreadsheet with over 50 blogs to hook up with from all over the world. He has all sorts of links on how blogging helps writing skills develop, how to blog, how to comment...AND hang on to your hats...QUADBLOGGING!

What is quadblogging you ask? Why, it is a safe way to set up a small social network of 4 schools that commit to boosting the numbers and frequency of comments! WHAT?! I know it is unheard of! I love it! I checked out many of the blogs listed and found many to be frequently blogging and sites we can access with our filters on our network! I added six from around the world, like Australia, India, England, Ireland, and I have three from New Zealand to add next month (as this is their summer break and they don't come back in session until mid-February.)

So if you haven't joined up with this crazy ball of yarn called Blogging, then gather round...and get started! It is a ball!