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Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Well a new day dawns and the children are all excited to be back in school! HA! Actually everyone was a bit sleepy this am, so we began our day by talking about our new iPads that are coming this week. We discussed goals, plans of what they think we should start with, apps they like or don't like, and then we approached the idea of blogging. I was surprised by the number of students who didn't know what blogs were. We read one or two and then I told them about my blog challenge. We discussed getting into the computer lab and starting tomorrow! and that got the blood flowing!

Here is the link to my 40 day blog challenge:

Feel free to copy and change at your discretion to match your grade or classroom, and share back with me! This challenge is not set in stone, nor is it may turn into a 60 day challenge! I am certain it will change once the iPads arrive as we will be blogging about projects we are working on, etc...but it is a beginning!

40 day blog challenge

Also the first blog challenge was inspired by Kid President! My students love him as he is so cute and silly! We started our blog talk off with a short inspirational video by him....

Kid President gives a pep talk!
Get to it! and make our world AWESOME!

Catch ya later!