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Thursday, January 9, 2014

iPads are coming!

Okay,  word on the street is that our classroom set of iPads should arrive next week. This has really stepped up my blood pressure! The excitement, the nervousness, the anticipation, the impending sense of failure looming!

FAILURE! This is almost an expectation of mine. Our class has meetings twice a week to "talk iPads", (that way we don't get sidetracked with our studies!) and during these "talks" we have discussed my expectation of knowing less than the students. We have also talked about them being my proverbial guinea pigs! We discussed things we have tried in the past and we failed learning to ice skate as an adult! EPIC FAIL!

We talked about being relaxed enough to laugh at our mistakes, maybe cry a little too! But the students now know I am not afraid of it, and they should not be either. I think that is my greatest "solid" expectation.

There are other things I think about, worry about, have sleepless evenings (no naps!) going mostly paperless, organizing the google drive to be manageable, STORAGE, managing the plugs/electrical situation, app configuration, and only about a million other things!!!!

Well, I guess the plan is one day at a time, connecting with other teachers who have already used them for a while, exhausting my coach with questions, and of course leaning heavily on my coworker who has had them in his class for the first semester!

Ready or not, here they come!